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What to expect

We are excited about your decision to be our guest at Progress Baptist Church. We know how it feels to visit a church for the first time, and we want to be as helpful as we can to make your experience a memorable one.

Service Times

Sunday Worship/Preaching 9:30am
Sunday School 11:00am
Sunday Worship/Preaching 11:45am
Wednesday Bible Study/Prayer Meeting 7:00pm


Facilites are provided for the care of infants and toddlers, and our church family will be happy to assist you with your children so that you can enjoy the service.


Our church has been called a “hospital for hurting people,” and your treatment at Progress will not be based on what you are wearing! Whether you are a believer looking for a church home, or someone who is hurting and looking for help; you will find a warm welcome at Progress Baptist. Our church family will typically be dressed in our “Sunday best” because church is the highlight of our week. We hope that after a visit or two, you will see why we enjoy church so much!


We do our best to come together as the body of Christ and worship the Lord, “in the beauty of holiness.” Our music is patterned after the Scriptural principle of “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.” Our praise is offered to glorify God for Who He is and what He has done, because we believe salvation should be enjoyed, not endured! Our preaching is intended to exalt the Saviour, exhort the believer, and evangelize the sinner.


At some point during the service, we will worship the Lord and support the work of God with our freewill tithes and offerings. Vistors are welcome to participate in this part of the service, but you will certainly not be expected to do so.

We have visitors in almost every service at Progress Baptist, and we hope you will join us this coming Sunday!